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Yoga Pants - Grafitti Design - Leggings - Fitness - Gym

Yoga Pants - Grafitti Design - Leggings - Fitness - Gym

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Yoga Pants - Grafitti Design - Leggings - Fitness

NON DISPLACE waistband 10 cm sash that defines the waist and does not come down when you exercise.

Made of excellent quality fabrics, with a soft touch for greater comfort.


The fabric and seams support high degrees of elongation; special feature for you to use in the gym, workout, crossfit, endurance, marathons, soccer, basketball and much more.

No matter what your figure is, high-waisted leggings help you slim it down without sacrificing your curves, as they lengthen your legs and give you that extra tummy support that will make you feel more confident. It is very important that the leggings you choose are of very good quality and with an elastic and resistant fabric without undesirable transparencies.

High-waisted leggings allow you to move more confidently. Thanks to that extra fabric you won't have to be pulling up your leggings or worrying that they will fall down in the middle of a movement.

We give yoga as an example because it is the discipline that inspires us, but it also applies to any sport.

Garment composition: 78% Polyester, 22% Spandex.


CoolFit®/Fresh and Adjustable System.

Humidity Control/Humidity Control/Quick Dry.
Anatomical Fit / Anatomical Adjustment.
Uv Protection – UPF 50+/UV Protection – UPF 50+.
Anti Bobbles/Anti Speckles.
Anti Peeling/Anti Peeling (Repealed).
Anti Odors/Anti Odors.

Textile details

Our inks maintain the intensity of the color against washing.

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