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Sheer Breathable Powernet Boxers - Sportswear

Sheer Breathable Powernet Boxers - Sportswear

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Breathable Microfiber Boxers - Sportswear

Once you try this sports boxer you will not want any other

Its ergonomic design will provide you with greater support, fit and comfort when you're on the move, making it ideal for high-impact sports. It is also ideal for daily, post-surgical use and for testicular pain. It is made of ComfortTech, our exclusive microfiber developed to give you a good fit with softness, comfort and elasticity and to adapt to your body allowing you to move freely. In addition, its fibers that come from recycled PET bottles, so you will be helping with the care of the environment with your purchase. It has breathable meshes in the crotch and groin area that help the passage of air for a greater sensation of freshness and lightness.


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