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Seamed Pantyhose [Side Seams]

Seamed Pantyhose [Side Seams]

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Seamed Pantyhose [Side Seams]

Elegant pantyhose with side seams,

20 den, color: black

size: XS - S

15 % elastane, 85 % poliamide


The temptation of backseamed pantyhose may vary from person to person, but generally speaking, backseamed pantyhose are considered to be a classic and elegant style of hosiery that can be both alluring and sophisticated.

Backseamed pantyhose typically feature a seam that runs up the back of the leg, which can help to create a slimming effect and elongate the appearance of the leg. This style of hosiery can be particularly appealing for special occasions or formal events, as they can add a touch of glamour to an outfit.

It's worth noting that everyone's preferences are different, and some people may not be as drawn to backseamed pantyhose as others. Ultimately, the decision to wear backseamed pantyhose or any other style of hosiery is a personal choice based on individual style, comfort, and personal preference.

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