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Vintage Nylon Stockings - Garter Belts

Vintage Nylon Stockings - Garter Belts

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Vintage Nylon Stockings - Garter Belts

Unique nylon stockings, seamless. Non run, sheer, welt imprint. Very sheer fabric  Finest quality  

color: skin tone, cafe

Vintage Stockings Size: 10 (toe to heel 10.75 inches or 27 cm)

Made in Chile, for nylon lover and collectors.

Polyamide (perlon)


Vintage nylon stockings are highly valued by many fashion enthusiasts for their classic and authentic style. These stockings were made using traditional manufacturing methods and materials, and were popular during the mid-20th century. They were known for their high quality and durability, and were often considered a luxury item.

The classic way of wearing vintage nylon stockings was with a garter belt or suspender belt. The garter belt was worn around the waist or hips, and had straps with clips that attached to the stockings to hold them up. This created a sleek and elegant look, and was a common way of wearing stockings during the time period.

Vintage nylon stockings were made in a range of styles and colors, from sheer to opaque, and from neutral to bold hues. They were often embellished with intricate patterns or designs, and were designed to be both functional and fashionable.

Today, vintage nylon stockings can be difficult to find and are often quite expensive due to their rarity and desirability. However, for those who appreciate their classic style and history, they are a cherished item that can add a touch of vintage glamour to any outfit.

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