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Boxers - Funny Print Design - Burger

Boxers - Funny Print Design - Burger

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Boxers - Funny Print Design - Burger

Medium cup boxer made with soft, fresh fabrics and the funniest and most authentic prints you can find. These offer better elasticity, fit and comfort that guarantee greater freedom of movement Occasion of use: For moments of fun in the day to day either at home or social gatherings. Print design with hamburgers. A garment made with inputs that have the necessary resistance to carry out daily movements without any restrictions.

Perfect fit to the body. Durability over time while retaining its shape and bright colors. Made with premium materials. These boxers have elastic with a firm structure that allows it to prevent it from bending while generating more security for those who wear it. It is also designed with the same print of the garment to look better with each use. Único Cup: constant use of the Único cup helps prevent diseases such as spermatocele and hydrocele, as it helps maintain the ideal temperature in the male intimate area. Composition: 85% Polyester, 15% Elastane. Material: Microfiber.


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