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2 Plus Size See Through Longsleeve Shirts

2 Plus Size See Through Longsleeve Shirts

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2 Plus Size See Through Longsleeve Shirts

Sheer shirts, like a pantyhose for the body,

polyamide (nylon) in soft microfiber quality, stretch, tight fit without pressure.

one size fits most regular (XS - small - medium - large)

and one size fits most Plus Size (all Plus Sizes)

colors: combinations of black, beige (skin tan) white,

These longsleeve shirts are made of a see through nylon fabric in soft microfiber quality.

Like a pantyhose the top adapts to the body. Wear these sheer shirts with lingerie or in combination with a plunging neck dress or top. Wear it as an undershirt with a warming effect.

Sheer shirts made of pantyhose fabric are very see-through, so it is important to choose the right bra to wear underneath. A nude-colored bra or bralette is a good choice as it won't show through the sheer fabric.
- Sheer shirts can add texture and depth to your outfit when layered over different fabrics. Try pairing your sheer shirt with a chunky knit sweater or a leather jacket for a trendy and fashionable look.

pdf-info: Plus Size See Through Longsleeve T Shirts

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