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Seamed Pantyhose - High Flat Waist - Tango

Seamed Pantyhose - High Flat Waist - Tango

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Seamed Pantyhose - High Flat Waist - Tango

Classic seamed pantyhose, tango style, transparent backseams, mate.

Invisible high flat waistband. 

20 den, color: black

size: XS - S - M - L

15 % elastane, 85 % polyamide


What is the fascination of seamed pantyhose?

  • Aesthetics: Seams can create a visually interesting look on the legs, adding a bit of structure and definition. Some people find this to be more aesthetically pleasing than plain pantyhose.
  • Durability: Seams can reinforce the pantyhose, making them less likely to rip or snag. This can be important for people who wear pantyhose for everyday activities.
  • Support: Some seamed pantyhose are designed to provide extra support for the legs. This can be helpful for people who experience pain or fatigue in their legs.
  • Sheerness: Seams can sometimes be used to create a special effect, such as a patterned or textured look. This can add a touch of luxury or intrigue to an outfit.
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