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Yoga Pants - PUSH UP - Leggings - Fitness - Gym

Yoga Pants - PUSH UP - Leggings - Fitness - Gym

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Yoga Pants - Push Up - Leggings - Fitness - GYM

If you are looking for comfort, style and a more streamlined appearance, our EFFECT UP sporty design leggings are the perfect option, you can feel more confident and attractive during your workouts.

It has a NON DISPLACE waistband which is a 10 cm sash that defines the waist and does not come down when you exercise.

Inspired by us, our leggings are exclusively designed so that you achieve what you propose with each movement, making you focus on your only real limit, your mind.

Our legging with Girdle and Butt Lifter has a short Powernet legging that reaches just before the knee, being very effective in reducing the appearance of "orange peel" on the thighs, giving them a lift and modeling effect. to your legs

Its anatomical waistband has double POWERNET reinforcement in the waist area, which reduces centimeters around the waist and hips when putting them on.

Limiting ourselves to the basics is out of style, dare to change and discover your true potential together with us.

Reinforced at the waist and butt lpush up with Powernet

breathable fabric

It allows to give control and significantly improve the figure.
Ideal for exercising especially for running, jogging, walking, dancing or using in the gym because of their extraordinary belt they do not get off.
high shot

Composition: 83% Polyester/ 17% Elastane.

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