Sheer Shirts

These see through shirts are made of a sheer pantyhose fabric in soft microfiber quality. Show more or less, wear these shirts like a transparent undershirt with lingerie or a plunging neck dress. The warming effect make them perfect for ballet, workout, dancing, yoga and other sports. Find all you need for sheer clothing, layered look. 

Find all styles, longsleeve, short sleeves, sleeveless, tank tops. Hosiery and design pantyhose, nylon stockings.

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fashion by designer ONA SAEZ

What about fashion by designer Ona Saez?

Ona Saez is a Chilean fashion designer known for his men's underwear and activewear collections. Some key points about Ona Saez's fashion:


- Ona Saez specializes in designing high-quality, stylish underwear for men[1][2][3]. His collections feature bold colors, patterns, and logos.

- In addition to underwear, Ona Saez also creates men's activewear designed for performance and comfort during physical activity[1][5]. The activewear likely incorporates moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics.

- Ona Saez's fashion is sold through his own branded websites and retail partners like Falabella[2][4]. Customers can purchase directly from Ona Saez's online stores.

- The designer offers both regular and discounted "outlet" underwear and activewear through his Ona Saez Outlet website[3]. This provides more affordable options for budget-conscious shoppers.

- While the search results focus on Ona Saez's men's collections, he may also design for women, though women's fashion is not mentioned in these particular results[4].

In summary, Ona Saez is a notable Chilean fashion designer who has built a brand around fashionable, performance-oriented men's underwear and activewear. His designs are available through his own channels as well as major retailers.

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