Sheer Shirts

These see through shirts are made of a sheer pantyhose fabric in soft microfiber quality. Show more or less, wear these shirts like a transparent undershirt with lingerie or a plunging neck dress. The warming effect make them perfect for ballet, workout, dancing, yoga and other sports. Find all you need for sheer clothing, layered look. 

Find all styles, longsleeve, short sleeves, sleeveless, tank tops. Hosiery and design pantyhose, nylon stockings.

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Complete your Sheer Outfit with these Sheer Tops

Complete your Sheer Outfit with these Sheer Tops

These women and men longsleeve shirts are made of a see through nylon fabric in soft microfiber quality. 
Like a pantyhose these tops do adapt to the body with a tight fit like a second skin.

Wear these sheer shirts with lingerie or in combination with a plunging neck dress or top. Wear it as an undershirt with a warming effect. Basics, casual style or elegant, with tight fit in a soft smooth microfiber quality. Seductive sheer tops in combination with dresses or lingerie.sheer shirt high necksheer tankssheer turtleneck shirtSheer tank topmens sheer shirt

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