animal print leopard motifs

Animal Print - Leopard Motifs

Animal Print  - Leopard Motifs

Leopard motifs -- and feline imagery in general -- have been used to signify power, independence and confidence for centuries, according to Weldon.
"Leopards have long been seen as fierce, very resilient animals." she said. "I think people feel a primordial connection with them."
Historically, leopards have played a prominent role in iconographies around the world. 

An evolving trend

Leopard print's reputation has gone through a number of iterations since. It has been deemed low-brow, provocative, tacky and dangerous. It has been worn by starlets and associated with cheap clothing. In pop culture, from movies to music, leopard-clad women have been identified as mean, shallow and loose.
These dichotomies may explain leopard print's endurance in the public imagination, as well as its ongoing popularity among diverse segments of consumers. Weldon believes the ever-evolving trend is, today, as relevant as ever.
"In all its forms -- sophisticated, luxe, rebellious, sexy -- (the) leopard print makes a statement. It can't be ignored, whether you like it or loathe it. That's why it's still so prominent in mainstream culture.
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